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Peg's Pine Needle Basketry

Pine Needle Coiled Baskets by Peg's Basketry Arnoldussen

Featuring award winning basketry coiling and teneriffe, plus reed weaving.

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Some of my basketry designs--click photos to view enlargements and descriptions.

Very large, whimsical, intricate basket with spalted maple and teneriffe inserts Medium size whimsical coiled sculpture, a gift for a beloved friend who has since passed away Medium size amethyst and sodalite bowl Medium size undulating bowl Medium size double layer trinity basket having three lobes Miniature Pine Needle Basket Pendant

Trinity Style Undulating Bowl Small Asymmetrical Bowl Small colorful bowl Gemstone sampler tray Lidded basket from my Land of the Great Lakes series, which always feature a Lake Superior
agate and an eagle teneriffe insert

Running Through Rushes Near Water features intricately worked closed coiling that forms a horse A birch bark quill box embroidered with porcupine quills, sewn with sinew. Instruction booklet is available for
sale. Basket of Jewels features a gorgeous natural agate slice complete with valve, and
gemstone chip bead strings dangling from its rim. Iris teneriffe inset in lid of oval coiled basket bound with raffia. Ribbed reed basket with intricately worked gussets and
cane braiding on handle.

I can be contacted via FaceBook by clicking HERE or amante dot de dot la dot polilla at gmail dot com.

I began my basketry odyssey in 1999, when a friend taught me how to make a reed basket and provided a catalog for ordering supplies. I bought plenty, but I also found materials for coiled basketry, something I had longed to try for many years. Unfortunately, though supplies were available, there weren't many publications on the subject. I searched online and found just enough to get started. Though I've made many reed baskets over the years, I've made many more coiled baskets.

Birch bark quill box construction is an Ojibwe art form, and yet another skill for which there isn't much instructional material available. I've made one quill box, the round basket with white dove on it. I've written an instructional booklet explaining how to do it, and it is available for sale ($7) for as long as my supply lasts. Contact me via my FaceBook page if interested.


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