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Peg's Wire Jewelry

Wire wrapped moonstone on twisted wire collar

Featuring my wire and gemstone jewelry designs

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Basketry Knitting Wire Jewelry

Some of my jewelry designs--click photos to view enlargements and descriptions.

Laramar gemstone cabochon in
gold filled wire setting. Fused dichroic glass cabochon in gold filled wire setting. Croc braid collar and labradorite pendant in copper Australian boulder opal in gold filled wire setting. Lake Superior freeform agate cabochon in gold filled wire setting. Labradorite cabochon in gold filled wire setting. Heat treated faceted citrine Packers colors pendant in gold
filled wire setting.


I can be contacted via FaceBook by clicking HERE or amante dot de dot la dot polilla at gmail dot com.

Since childhood I've loved rocks, minerals, rough gemstones, tumble polished finds. So, when I discovered I could buy beautiful semi-precious gemstones on eBay for incredibly low prices, I started accumulating the things. It got ridiculous, oh, not because I'd amassed hundreds, but because my practical side told me it's stupid to acquire useless things that I could only feast my eyes on. These things needed purpose!

I thought about taking up gold and silver smithing, but that didn't really seem very practical to me either. It probably would not have gone over big with my husband, plus I was raising four kids. I did not need a project requiring investment of money and time.

Then I stumbled upon wire wrapping -- I don't remember how -- and suspected it would make little impact on my life. It didn't! It required only a few inexpensive hand tools, and the wire wasn't very expensive either. I found what information I could online, started practicing, and caught on. To this day I totally enjoy wearing my lovely gems, and occasionally giving them away. Problem solved.

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